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I recently ordered a book off called "Ouija Board...The World's Most Deadliest Game" does anyone have any thoughts on the Ouija Board...I have never had any dealings with one...I am just curious if anyone else has?

Sep 06 @ 22:40
Good question Katt! I have used one a few times. Always with other people, never by myself. In all honesty, they give me the creeps. I can't say whether I believe that they really open a doorway for spirits to come through and communicate. Part of me does, and there is always that small part of me that is a skeptic.

Out of the few times that I did use one, there are two that stand out as being particularly creepy. The first time was with my ex-boyfriend's (boyfriend at the time) sister. She had one and we decided to have a go at it...well the planchet did start to move. At first of course we both thought that it was the other, but I know I wasn't moving it and she said that she wasn't so...who knows. A young boy named Robert came through that had died in a fire. That was all the information that we got though, the planchet stopped moving soon after and we gave up.

Another incident that stands out was at my older brother's house. It was soon after my brother Dan had passed away. My brother Mike had a ouija board and wanted to mess around with my nephew by of course moving the planchet to make it say rediculous things. So they began except my brother swears that the planchet moved on it own. It said that it was my brother Dan and answered some very personal questions. Now, the very next night I had come for a visit and they decided to get the ouija out again only this time I participated. The same thing happened again that night. Something came through saying that it was my brother Dan. Now, I know that my brother Mike wouldn't joke around about this, moving the planchet intentionally to make it seem as if Dan was coming through, so I know it wasn't least conciously it wasn't him. But I have always wondered if I was moving the planchet without even knowing it. Mike's wife Megan was pregnant at the time so we asked, supposedly my brother Dan, if he knew what she was having. The answer was that it was a girl. Well the baby ended up being a boy...but I, at the time thought she was having a girl and was the only one that thought she was having a girl. I didn't think I was moving the planchet, but that has always made me wonder if it was a subconcious thing with my brother Dan's passing being so soon before this.

I guess that could explain where some of the skepticism comes from. I don't think I'd use one again. While I don't always think that they are opening a doorway for everyone who uses one. I do think that someone who is more sensitive to the paranormal may very well be opening something that they may not be able to handle. So I always suggest that anyone interested in using one procede with caution, if at all. And there's my two cents! [Wink]
Sep 07 @ 01:04
Personally, I don't think I would ever use a Ouija board. They spook me. I don't like playing with something I don't totally understand. I am fearful that I would make contact with something I don't want contact with. Better safe than sorry.

My next door neighbor when I was growing up used one. She also did Taro card readings. Well shortly after using the Ouija board, strange things started to happen in her house. Her children's toys would start up at night and the german shepherd dog they had wouldn't go into their son's bedroom. She would bristle up and growl right at the threshhold. My neighbor burned the Ouija board after that.
Sep 07 @ 16:05
With a Ouija board, you are opening yourself and your home up to spirits that may have bad intentions, and I have heard that they will sometimes impersonate whomever you are asking for. It's best to just leave these boards strictly alone, unless you are a trained expert at preparing and protecting your spirit from evil. This is not a parlor game, as it often seems, but a tool that can cause damage when used innocently by persons who do not understand what they may be getting into. I find the prospects scary, and I would not use them myself. Parents, be especially careful to prevent your children from getting involved with the Ouija Board. Just my thoughts.
Sep 10 @ 20:22
I have heard from several people that it is dangerous...I myself have not been brave enough to even think about trying one...

I don't know about everyone else but I don't want anything bad in or around my house!

Sep 10 @ 22:14
I am always amazed that it's sold as a board game! Can you imagine giving something like that to a child as a gift? That's what scares me. How is contacting the "dead" a game?
Sep 11 @ 17:57
I have.
It really works. I was very good at it or well dispositioned for using it.
I believe I had someone trailing me at least for quite some time after using the board.
I would strongly suggest not using one unless you're prepared for the possibility of some seriously negative consequences. I never did any opening ceremony or closing one either. I was young then. Didn't know better. I was just into exploring those kind of things. Looking for answers.
Sep 12 @ 17:15
I have used an Ouija Board several times throughout my life. Strange things would always happen during or afterwards tho'.

I think just the invitation alone to other spirits opens you up mentally and therefore some of the manifestations are a product of the uncontrolled sub- and un-conscious mind.

Regardless, I will only work with one in a full well-cast ritual circle. I think it is also very important that you specify exactly who you are calling and why. In my beliefs, it is considered rude to disturb the spirits of humans that have passed through the veil.

Although marketed as a toy, it certainly isn't. While it is an object used for divination, which is basically a safe practice, (if one is contacting "God" as they know and understand "God"), but to invite unspecified #'s and types of spirits into your house just isn't a good idea as a rule.

Just my thoughts on it,

Sep 13 @ 17:41
Sometimes, there are topics that seem to follow me around and this is one of them.

*chuckling warmly*

I belong to more than one online community *hearing the collective gasps of shock* and in the past six months, this topic has come up on most of them.

It is really interesting, to me, that a great majority of the people in these communities will have nothing to do with Ouija boards.

Some of them have had bad experiences and some of them have heard way too many bad things about them and simply wont use them.

A very few have said that they will use Ouija but only when very well shielded and only with certain other people with them.

Personally, I remember using one a very long time ago but don't remember much of anything happening. Maybe we got lucky... or maybe my memory is not that great... [Laughing]

Oct 20 @ 02:10
I will be honest with all of brother has one...I won't let him bring it around my house...I am kinda scared of what it might I haven't used it yet...don't get me wrong I want to but...I am kinda spooked by them!

Oct 20 @ 22:24
Interesting indeed Starlight. What are your feelings toward a Ouija board? Would you use one if someone invited you to do so? Would you be a bit apprehensive or do you feel confident enough to try it out again?

I guess I am just a big ole fraidy cat. I might watch someone else mess around with it, but I don't think I have the guts to actually put my finger on the planchett.

Katt, have you finished reading the book you ordered? I am curious what conclusions you came to after reading it? Do tell!

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Oct 20 @ 22:28
I am still in the process of reading it...found some interesting stories of things happening to people...I am halfway through it...I will be glad to share my info when I am done...

Oct 20 @ 22:34

Interesting question, Panda... and thank you for asking it....

I am pretty indifferent to Ouija boards... they don't scare me... but they don't intrigue me either.

What interests me is so many people being so vehemently against them.

Would I use one if invited? That would all depend on the person or people who invited....
Nov 03 @ 01:27
I am so glad I found this thread - we were just talking about it last night - we seem to have a ghost in our home - mainly in my 19 year old son's room - my son wrote him/her a note asking if he could help - in the morning it was upsidedown on the floor and there was a piece of chewing gum on his new window blinds - weird. Anyway my son wanted to know if that might be a way to find out what it wants. Any thougts? We are new to this - although I have had some interssting spiritual things happen to me for many years.
Nov 08 @ 16:21
I had a similar experience to Nakis. I tried one when I was very young and did seem to have something that trailed me for quite some time afterwards. I had a few pretty bizarre experiences with it and would never use one again, nor would I recommend it to anyone else.

I agree with Ravenheart. These things are marketed as toys, but they are anything but. I think putting them in the hands of kids is a recipe for a lot of unpleasantness; under no circumstances should a minor use one. As Mare pointed out, these things are an open never know what you might get on the other end.
Nov 13 @ 13:50
British mentalist Derren Brown used one on a TV special of his. If I remember correctly, he told his 12 participants that they were in an old hospital where a mass murder had taken place. Using ouija (or at least letters and a glass, I believe), one of the spirits contacted them. There were numerous other things that happened totally in line with a haunted location. However, Brown revealed, at the end, that the whole thing was a hoax, and even went to a parked van outside to bring the "victim" in. Turns out that we all have some level of subconscious energy, even if every participant in the show believed the murder story to be true.

Personally, I would not really touch them. I have heard some negative stories and the only time I used ouija techniques was with a far better trained medium friend. What was predicted was only partly accurate. The spirit claimed to be my mother and did say a few things that were like her, but after seeing the Brown special, I wonder if it was subconscious energy. There were predictions that were not accurate, such as telling me I would have a daughter by now—I think it gave 2005 or 2006 as her birth year—and bear in mind this event took place in the late 1990s.
Nov 28 @ 22:34
It wasn't a mass murder, but a suicide pact. See:[/URL]

and scroll down to ‘Séance’.
Nov 28 @ 22:37
I have had some experiences with the Ouija board. I was also young and did not know what i was doing. I got very lucky that nothing really nasty came through. Two friends and I contacted a spirit named "gel" who was a good spirit. We invited him to come see our dance performance. i have since learned that it it not a good idea to invite a spirit out of the room where you are using the Ouija board. And always say goodbye to the spirit when you are done. Our stage manager and light board operator both reported seeing people onstage who were not supposed to be there!

We had one really freaky experience with Gel in which he warned us about something terrible about to happen if we didn't intervene. i could post about that here but I think it's another post! The thing is, eventually, other spirits started to come through and say they were "gel" and then would start saying nasty hurtful things. We started to get a bad creepy feeling so we stopped using the thing.

So over all my experience has been positive but i think I got lucky. If I were invited to do it again, I think I would pass.
Sep 03 @ 04:46


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