Forum - What are your thoughts about reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a central part of Buddhist and Hindu belief. Do you believe in the possibility of
reincarnation? Is there evidence of it?
May 25 @ 05:29
There is something to it, I just don't know what ...reincarnation, ancestral memory or just tapping into some sort of communication with someone who has already passed on.

I've had dreams that I've never been able to explain, things from the past that I've not known about but when researched a little turned out to be accurate. As a little girl of about 4 or 5, on family vacations, we often passed by an old plantation house. I would point out the window and tell my parents that I used to live in a house like that. Even at that young of an age, I would sit in my room and attempt to draw the house, with surprising detail for a child that young. It spooked my mother a little.

My husband, James, had a reoccuring dream for years, starting at the time he was only about 8 years old. He would dream of being on a WWII era aircraft carrier under attack by a Japanese komikaze plane. His dreams were extremely detailed and in them, he was fighting the fire on the deck. He had never been on an aircraft carrier, but payed close attention as to where pieces of equipment were located in the dream. A few years ago, he wanted to visit the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi. It wasn't the ship in his dreams, but it was very similar and the placement of the equipment was exactly as he had remembered it.

James had very few relatives who participated in WWII and none that were involved in something like that, so that rules out ancestral memory. Did a sailor from long ago somehow contact an 8 year old boy to tell him his story? Possibly. Or, was my husband the sailor who met his end serving his country? Possible also.

I'm not 100% on this, but I believe that the Buddhist and/or Hindus believe that souls wait 50 years before rebirth. I've never bought that part of it. I would come closer to thinking that some souls have a more urgent need to be back on earth -- as would possibly be the case of James and the WWII sailor. As I said, I'm not sure if it is reincarnation or some of the other possibilities, but I definitely feel that something is at work.
May 25 @ 11:19
Carrie and myself are in the same boat/train of thought.

I personally have had so many visions, dreams, memories of lives that are not mine. Not just of things that can be previous lives but also of other peoples live in this current time. And of things that seem to be of the future.
It lends a lot of credence to reincarnation. It could be that I have reincarnated many times and that the other things I "see" are psychic and not related to reincarnation. Or some could be of future incarnations and of split incarnations. Some people believe that some of us will actually live multiple lives in the same time or we divide our soul and the parts live seperate lives.

I personally see reincarnation as an excellent theory to explain the process of existance and explains many of the phenomena we experience. But to keep an open mind I choose not to hold a rigid belief in how and why we exist (other than to learn and take care of each other).

There is certainly more than what meets only our physical eyes. To deny or write it off is to do a diservice to oneself and our Creator.
May 25 @ 14:48
My thoughts on reincarnation? I hope it does NOT exist simply because I do NOT want to have to come back here and do this "life" thing all over again. LOL

Well....unless I came back as a very rich & happy person.....

Or....maybe coming back as a famous person's dog! You know those animals are well taken care of. LOL
Jun 21 @ 03:33
I realize this post has been up for awhile, but it has been awhile since I've had Internet! I have been intrigued by reincarnation since I told my Dad when I was 3 years old that I used to be another little girl, but I died and was born again in my new body. I am a storyteller by nature, but this seems like a strange thing for a 3 year old to make up. It does seem possible, I think I just don't want to believe it is true.
Jul 10 @ 01:02
I Truly, in my Heart of Hearts believe I am Reincarnated.
I know because I have a lot of information about my last lifetime, much of it, I have to Paper Documentation and turns out to have really, truly happened.
So, how could I have possibly known any of it beforehand?
I don't know this myself and cannot answer that fully, except that too many of my experiences and Paper Research are all tied one into the other and vice versa.
Mar 22 @ 04:50


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