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Hi everyone. I thought it'd be fun & interesting to start a post on the Green Man. Pan? Robin Hood? Definetly pagan deity. Does anyone have any thoughts or stories to relate? I would love to read them.
The most interesting & wonderful thing about him, in my opinion, is how some of the artists & people who worshipped him refused to give him up! [Big Grin]

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Dec 04 @ 09:19
Give him up??? [Thud!]

He...hasn't gone anywhere has he?? (wink, wink)

Dec 04 @ 14:56
Lol, Bess, you're hilarious! Here's a cool link I found on the Green Man, it has quite a few pictures, for those that may be interested.


[Big Grin]
Dec 04 @ 17:43
I always wanted to buy this metal casting of a classic Green Man face from Barnes and Knobles but I havent yet...should I?
Will he fill my pockets with more green?
Steve [No Smile]
Dec 05 @ 03:35
Well met Hallows!! What a great site, thank you for postng.

I feel a mite more lucky then most, I grew up in a clan that while honouring the ONE God, also honoured the beliefs of our people. When I was sent off to kindergarden I had only a small idea of who Snow White, Casey Jones and the Three little pigs were. But I could have told them any thing about Manannon, The Daughters of Lir, the never empty Caldron of the Dagda... (shrug) children learn what their homes embrace.

In our household, the Green man was simply known as Cernunnos. [Big Grin] ('Til I got a gander at Errol Flynn and then I wanted him to BE Robin Hood!!) :banana:
Dec 05 @ 16:11
Thank you very much Hallowseve. That was very educational.
I've seen depictions of the green man many times in many places and had some brief explanations.
I was always afraid to pick up one them though I've always wanted one. Now I can. I can add it to my pantheon of religious icons.

This supports my theory that no matter what you believe in everyone is just looking to worship the Creator of Everything. In their own way. So no one can fault another for their faith.
That's just my belief, thank you very much. =)
Dec 05 @ 16:28
I think the neatest thing about mythology & spirituality in general is that the more you look into it the more you can see how connected we really all are. There are the differences,but, culturally alot of symbols,& gods & goddeses are shared or seem to be the same things with different names. I'm glad people can enjoy this post.
To me the Green Man represents something we as human beings need to get back to somewhat. In an age of genetically engineered veggies & animals, nature is something alot of humanity seems to have lost connection with.

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Dec 05 @ 17:19


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