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We often advise that a person Bless their house to get rid of negative energy or negative spirits but we don't usually explain how to do that because our belief systems are so different. What works for one person might not work for another. I did a search on the different House Blessing rituals out there and here's what I came up with. I hope it helps. (Keep in mind that if you are a minor and the ritual calls for lighting anything on fire, consult your parents first - they may wish to participate or supervise.)

Catholic House Blessing:[/URL]

Navajo House Blessing:[/URL]

General House Blessing information:[/URL]

Wicca House Blessing:[/URL]

Wicca House Cleansing Ritual:[/URL]

A Prayer For House Blessing:[/URL]

Lutheran House Blessing:[/URL]

Jewish Information:[/URL]

Something that might fit for all Christians:[/URL]


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Sep 20 @ 15:50
Just popping this up so it'll show underder Today's Topics just incase someone didn't see it over the weekend.
Sep 22 @ 22:02
Hi Connie,
I was thinking of that also, but I didn't want to be a [Sassy Butt] inksi!
I did the Lutheran Blessing with my grandchildren.
Gabby can read, she also attends church with us so she is familair with the Affirmation. Lexi? She follows along pretty good and litte Boo just sang?
You know, God doesn't care what song you sing him. Thats what Pastor Fred told Gabby once during a song in service and all she knew was the Barney Song, so she got up and sang it really loud sitting at the front pew while grandpa and I helped serve communion?
I mean she belted out that song, Curt looked over at me and all I could do was laugh, as everyone else did that day. She also got quite a few compliments on her singing!
Lexi hasn't done that yet, but after the childrens sermon she just sat on a altar smiling at the congregation? And Curt made me go get her? LOL
Connie, thank you for looking all these up for all of us. And I did find in my Hymnal, the blessing is there?
Sep 23 @ 01:21
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Thanks, Connie! That's great. We've been meaning to get together various blessings to put on the site, so it will be a handy reference. In the meantime, I'll sticky pin this topic to the top of the forum. [Wink]

Sep 23 @ 01:35
It was my pleasure to help a little, Kell. It's one of the things that has concerned me for awhile. There are other rituals out there and it would be interesting to see what others could post.
Sep 23 @ 10:46
Thanks Connie. That was very kind and thoughtful of you. =) =)
Sep 23 @ 15:52
Thanks Connie

That was a really nice thing to do for us.

Only problem is I'm Church of England [Embarrassed] .

Tood down the general blessings one and will do it with my son when I get home.

Thanks again..
Sep 26 @ 14:22
Hi CarolAnne.

I tried to look up a ritual that would connect with the Church of England but I didn't come up with anything. I hope the general blessing helps. I've also heard that the blessings may have to be repeated to see the effects or even just to reinforce the first.
Sep 26 @ 18:36
the only thing I can come up with is as an e-mail address. Try them and see if they`ll reply to you.
Oct 07 @ 23:39
=) Thankyou Connie!
I checked out the link and they sound wonderful! I was wondering if they can be done by one person though? My roommates would just think I was being weird if I tried to involve them. I really believe with the Lord that it is truly the thought that counts, however if other people in the house are not participating I wonder if that will make a difference.
Thanks again,
Wendy [Rainbow Smiley]
Nov 09 @ 00:53
I would say that would depend on the person. I don't think I would attempt it alone if I were not at my peak energy level. If you feel you are strong and confident in what you're doing it helps.

I do have an idea though should you decide to do the blessing alone - let us know when you're going to do it and we can keep you in our thoughts and prayers to send some energy your way.
Although we can't be with you, you will know that you won't be truly alone because we'll be thinking of you to help you along.
Nov 09 @ 04:59
Please let us know so all our thoughts, prayers and white light we send will be with you.
Also, make sure your strong enough mentally. What I mean is not totally stressed over this or overly tired. It takes alot of will and strength.
Keep us informed, we're here for you.
[Nerdily Unsure]
Nov 15 @ 12:50
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Dude, I just typed this long reply then saw how old this thread was! *smacks self in head* [Embarrassed]

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Aug 12 @ 23:58
I got this from They send it out free to anyone via e-mail so I don't think there is an issue with copying here.
It's more or less just what has been said before but I thought it would be a good re-enforcement coming from another source.

September 10, 2004
Cleaning More Than Just Clutter
The Benefits Of Space Clearing
Everyone's had the experience of walking into a room, building, or home that just feels good. Likewise, there are rooms that make us feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason. We can attribute some of our feelings to the environment. Someplace clean and spacious, with nice furniture and pleasant artwork is obviously more appealing than a dark, cluttered room. Yet what we are reacting to is actually more than just the physical surroundings. On an intuitive level, we pick up on the energy of any space we enter.

This is why Space Clearing can be so valuable, especially in your own home. Space Clearing is more than just spring-cleaning, or getting rid of clutter, although those are important first steps. It is a ceremony that frees your home of old energy, which is particularly important after someone has been ill or there's been an argument in one of the rooms. It's also a wonderful way to refresh your house before bringing a new baby home. You'll notice an immediate difference after a Space Clearing and you may even see an improvement in relationships, finances, or health issues.

There are recommended steps to a Space Clearing ceremony. Some are more involved than others, but they basically follow the same principle of intention. It's good to begin with a thorough physical cleaning, and get rid of clutter. Think about what your intentions are for your home and what you want to invite into your life. You may want to create a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, or you may want your home to be full of people and laughter. The more focused you are about your vision, the easier it is to manifest the home of your dreams.

To begin clearing, go from room to room and sense the energy throughout the house. You may find that some rooms feel more stagnant than others and you'll know then that you'll need to spend more time and energy clearing that room. To clear energy from a space, you may drum, clap, or ring a bell or chime. You may also burn a sage smudge throughout the entire house, being sure to reach into corners, in closets and under beds.

The formal clearing procedure can be time consuming, but it is an excellent technique for altering the energy in a space. If you have already completed a clearing yet you feel somehow stuck, or you haven't committed to a clearing ritual and you would like to make your home feel comfortable in the interim, you can always do a tune-up. Start with a thorough cleaning; allow sunlight and fresh air into your space on a daily basis, or bring in a few fresh plants (be sure to water and keep them healthy). Do an abbreviated clapping or chime ringing in areas where the energy seems heavy. You'll be surprised how much better you and your home will feel.
Sep 10 @ 12:05
Thank you for all these blessing.I am native amercian and I often bless my home at least once a month.I have blessed sage and I burn it like a candle and I chat and with prayers while I walk though my house . This works real well.I got my sage at a POW WOW a few years ago.It last a long time.But it is nice to know how other do there blessing. Jem
Jan 24 @ 01:36
Thank you immensely. I am new here. These will be very helpful.

For some reason my Grandmom did some German thing in my house. We are Catholic so it involved Catholic prayers said in German.

I thought it was weird that she came in, and did it like she did it a million times.

Well, thank you again.
Feb 01 @ 00:28
Jem, I also use the Native American blessings, and it does make a difference in how your house atmosphere feels, etc. I firmly believe that the blessings with sage, cedar, and other things are very special. I always feel so light and unburdened after a blessing like this. It is truly wonderful.

Walk in Pweace & Beauty,
Aug 15 @ 08:11
I use a general Wiccan house blessing, but I open my windows and add smudging with herbs such as sage, cedar, and juniper,(I also use Rue, if the energy has been particularly negative and heavy, sticky etc. *doesn't smell good, but works very well), and I add laughter to the home by telling jokes (not demeaning ones, but rather jokes about silly things I have dome in the past or simply watching a funny comedy film, if I am alone.)
After first cleaning and throwing out old, unusable articles or giving away good seldom used objects or objects with negative memories or feelings attached, I srinkle salt in a circle around my home. I also make an equal-arm cross in clove oil on my window sills and on the doors. The I use the elements to cleanse the house.
After all of that is done, I like to invite good energies to fill and bless the house (*Windows closed for this part), any sweet smelling incense is a good choice. I prefer Frank and Myrrh and sandalwood or vanilla-rose. When it is available, I like to use sweetgrass in the Native American tradition. In the kitchen, I will often boil the following herbs in a pot of water and turn them down to simmer slowly; Cinnamon, Ginger, Nutmeg, Clove, and Vanilla. Soon the house is smelling like grandma's kitchen at the "Christmas/Yule" holiday season. Feel free to experiment with these methods and find what works well for you.
many bright blessings,
Aug 15 @ 17:24
Although I was very familiar with a few ways of performing House Cleansings/Blessings, I did not know about the others. This helps me to explain my belief that Divinity, (God), can and will assist you in time of need, regardless of what name you use to call him/her by.

What some call blessings and cleansings, other call is basically the same thing.

Thanks for the additional information, nice thread!


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May 18 @ 16:57
I'm glad to see this post was incuded in the new site. I do see that some of the links are not working and that the original post is too old to edit so I'll be working on getting new links and make a new post for those that need it.
Sep 25 @ 14:45
Simply "house blessings" are more interesing than functional, based om my conversations wih various church officals. If one thinks they are needed, they generally do something positive but they are not all that great. Been in the business too long to see just 1 idea as the solution to most problems, which this "thing" seems to enjoy.
Oct 04 @ 11:19


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