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I'm wondering if the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is suppose to be haunted. I understand a number of people have committed suicide by jumping from it.
Sep 19 @ 01:27
Ya know, that's a very good question. I did a couple of searches on the Golden Gate Bridge on google but came up with nothing as far as it being haunted. I would suppose though with as many people that have commited suicide on it, that there must be some kind of activity there.
Sep 19 @ 01:57
I remember reading of a bridge that was haunted with suicide victims, but I don't remember if it was the Golden Gate Bridge or not.

It wouldn't surprise me though!
Sep 19 @ 11:52
dont know good question i was there in 1999 and walked it twice there are suicide notes all over it! kinda creepy to be standing in the same spot where someone jumped to their death and let me tell you that is a loooong way down. so in my opinion there just has to be some kind of energy left over.
Sep 20 @ 20:42
I am from out of town, visiting on business and decided to jog accross it and back. First of all, just the sheer height and winds make it somewhat terrifying to run across, at least to me.

Secondly, and I know this sounds strange, I kept feeling these evil feelings, with visions of me jumping, and how easy it would be to just jump. It was very bizarre, so bizarre, that I did not even want to run back over the bridge. I can't explain those feelings. It was almost like there were evil spirits or something that were attacking me as I ran over the bridge, putting these thoughts in my mind.

Let me say that I am a Christian, very well balanced, have a good job, great education, wonderful family, and I have never entertained suicide. I have everything to live for, and I am not depressed or stressed in any sense of the word. Never have been. In fact, I think it is selfish and detestable.

But, all I can say, is that I felt some very evil things and thoughts come across me as crossed the first 1/4 of the bridge on each side. It is almost like the middle of the bridge, in the center, is where I felt these feelings.

It just makes me wonder if there are evil spirits that prey upon vulnerable depressed people up there, or if there are tormented spirits that have died there, since 1000+ people have jumped.

All I can say, I will never jog or walk over that bridge ever again. There is something not right about that bridge and the visions and feelings I got were terrifying.
Jul 26 @ 15:32


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