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Does anyone know of any haunted places around the Freeport Pa area ?
Aug 01 @ 15:38
Hmm... I did a quick search and was only been able to find this one..

Freeport Junior High (Armstrong County): Built on a former cemetery site
Aug 04 @ 22:03
@KellKell, it was not just a cemetery and its not just the Jr. High it is also the football field and it was a death valley of sorts the site for native Americans that lived in the area...they where later moved to the cemetery at the freeport park... and now are covered with trees and growth and the reason you can't find anything about freeport is because freeport is a hot cant go there and not experience something unless you dont have your eyes and ears open...sorry but i have lived in freeport for my whole life...and i am also a medium...
Jan 17 @ 01:35
@ferdarko396, perhaps some people aren't as sensitive as you and it's hard for them to see things.
Jan 17 @ 04:04
Yeah that's about 2 blocks from my grams house. I can walk there. I hope I find some other places too. Thanks Kell !!!
Aug 04 @ 23:21
You're welcome. =) Oh, I also checked Dennis Hauck's National Directory of Haunted Places and there were no listings for Freeport, Pa. =(

Aug 05 @ 21:42
My husband and I both grew up in the Freeport area and we remember something about The Abbott House being haunted. I believe it was on Market Street, but I have been unable to find anything out about it. Sorry. If you or anyone else has any information, I would love to know about it.
Oct 29 @ 22:09


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