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Lecture with API & Loyd Auerbach

"Children and Psychic Phenomena"

American Paranormal Investigation Fund Raiser and Seminar with Renowned Paranormal Expert Loyd Auerbach.

Saturday, September 19, 2009
10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Mark Twain Room at the Delta King (Old Sacramento, CA)
Cost: $36.00 for children 8-12 years and $53.00 for adults
Lunch is included in the ticket price.
(No children under the age of 8 years please contact API should special arrangement be required. Special needs are evaluated on a case by case basis.)

Tickets may be purchases online at
Or contact Ann Bender to mail payments for a $2.00 discount per ticket.

For more information about this event, please contact
Ann Bender at or 916.704.6664

Please join American Paranormal Investigations for an afternoon with Loyd Auerbach at the Delta King in Old Sacramento for an afternoon seminar discussing issues regarding children and unexplained paranormal phenomena.

Research has shown that children are generally more psychic than adults. The abilities tend to diminish as they grow up, mainly because of a lack of support for the abilities and the educational system often making claims of psychic abilities inappropriate or weird.

Psychic abilities range from telepathy (mind to mind communication) to forms of clairvoyance and remote viewing to psychokinesis (also known as "PK" and “mind over matter”). This seminar will look at the ways children experience and display psychic abilities, and how parents can recognize and cope with these abilities in their kids.

Prof. Auerbach will give parents and children in attendance a background in what parapsychologists have learned about psychic abilities in children, and will conduct some exercises for all ages to support and encourage these abilities. Most importantly, you will learn how to find the specific psychic talents your children might have, how they might change as the children grow up, and tools to encourage the talents and deal with their spontaneous nature. We will be playing a game of telepathy and learning a method to do PK.

LOYD AUERBACH, M.S., holds a Master's degree in Parapsychology and is Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations. He is the author of seven books including A PARANORMAL CASEBOOK: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium (Atriad Press, 2005). He is the creator and instructor of the Parapsychological Studies Program at HCH Institute in Lafayette for local and distance learning, and has been an Adjunct Professor at JFK University since 1983. He is a member of the Rhine Research Center Advisory Board and the Scientific Advisory Board of the Forever Family Foundation. He was a
Consulting Editor and columnist for FATE magazine from 1991-2004. Over the last three decades, Loyd has taught courses in Parapsychology, Anthropology, and Altered States of Consciousness, Science Fiction, Magic, Public Speaking and Mass Media, and is a professional speaker on the college and corporate speaking circuits. He has appeared in hundreds of radio and print interviews, and well over 100 national and local TV shows
including The View, Larry King Live, Oprah, Sightings, the Today Show, Unsolved Mysteries, and Late Night with David Letterman, and is seen frequently on A&E, the History Channel, the Travel Channel, and more (most of his cable appearances are in eternal reruns). For more information about Loyd Auerbach, please visit his website at

AMERICAN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS (API), founded by Dave Bender in 2001, is a Sacramento based paranormal investigation team. API is dedicated to the investigation, documentation and provides help and intervention of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. API is a family member of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and is staffed with volunteer investigators trained in the identification, intervention and debunking of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. API is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization as recognized by the State of California and the federal government. For more information about API, please visit their website at

ANN BENDER is the co-founder, case manager and a leading sensitive for API. During her eight year tenure with API, Ann has worked with clients and their children extensively regarding issues of PK and unexplained phenomena. In addition, as API case manager, Ann is a client's first contact with the team and she monitors the investigation from start to finish. Ann has varies tasks during API investigations, including her work as a sensitive. You can find out more information about Ann Bender at

THE DELTA KING. The Delta King is one of the oldest steamboats still in operation in the United States. It was built in Stockton from 1924 - 1927, with steel shipped from Europe. A passenger, Dorothy, vanished from the ship days after her husband's death in Hollywood. Jean Harlow was having an affair with her husband and buried Dorothy's body when it was found around a week later. The ship was enlisted under a different name. It was used for three trips to transport victims of Pearl Harbor up the river to the hospital. There was a large fire, involving the Delta King, in San Francisco's harbor. The ship has been land-locked since 1985. For more information about the Delta King and room rates, please visit the website at
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