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Has anywhere here ever witnessed a UFO, and be honest, if so what did it look like, and what was your reaction? Once someone else shares, I'll share my story to keep the convo going ;]
Dec 17 @ 15:27
I have seen a UFO myself. Back in 1997 I was in North Dakota with my family, we used to take yearly trips there in the summer. Anyway, one night we saw this green ball, that's the best I can describe it. It flew overhead, my entire family saw it, my dad said it was probably an experimental aircraft, but I've had my doubts. Now tell us about yours D:
Dec 17 @ 23:59
Thanks for the quick reply Joe. =)

My sighting takes place St. Louis, MO - where I live. In November 2001 I was outside at around 5PM, so it was just after sunset. I saw what, to me, looked like a triangular blimp. It was black with a few lights on it -- all white. It moved very slowly and I didn't hear any sound as it moved right overhead and off to the south. I live right out of town and kind of in the country, but I ran inside and told everyone what I had seen. Some of my family came outside to see if they could see it, but it was gone by that time. I submitted a report to the UFO Sightings Database, but it doesn't seem like anyone else reported seeing it, which is unusual to me, but I know what I saw.
Dec 18 @ 00:49
I saw a weird UFO like thing once but I think it was just a cloud
Dec 18 @ 06:38
[QUOTE USER="aspirin" TIME="1229582319"]I saw a weird UFO like thing once but I think it was just a cloud[/QUOTE]

Why not be a wee bit more detailed? I'm certainly interested in what you've seen and whether or not it could have actually been a cloud.
Dec 20 @ 06:03
Hi Eric, Ron here from ectoparanormal. and i did see something one night. this took place in hudson, NH about 15 years ago. when i was playing in a band. It was about 3am. as i was coming home one night driving along the same road i always take. on the right side of the road tree top level a big green glowing ball going the same speed as me. it stayed with me for a couple of minutes. i almost crashed the car. i was in shock. to bad they dident have cell phones then. well anyway when i got home my wife was still awake. i dident even take my gear out of the car. i ran upstairs and told my wife what i saw and she said yea sure ok. well the next day in the saturday mourning paper on the front page i was not the only person who saw this. there was about 200 people that saw the same thing. and i showed my wife and she wow i guess you did see something. i called the paper and they said in was being investigated but i never heard anything so there you go and that is the gods honest truth. so i think there is something out there. becasuse what i witnessed was so scary i still think about it today.
Dec 23 @ 02:34
[QUOTE USER="ectoron" TIME="1229999683"]... a big green glowing ball going the same speed as me.[/QUOTE]

That's really odd, it seems a lot of people on this thread have also seen a green glowing object -- makes me wonder what it is if not only 200 other people also saw what you saw, in your area, but also various people on this web site, from different parts of North America have also seen the same thing.

Dec 23 @ 06:41
Okay, well, I was in the back of my mom's car as she drove. The "ufo" looked like a standard ufo in that it was shaped like a couple pie pans stuck together. In retrospect it reminds me of the "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster from the X-Files, but I saw that years later. I never said anything because i thought no one would believe me.
Dec 23 @ 06:52
Just ask Jimmy Carter!
Nov 13 @ 02:19


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