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A competitor to us has a nice section on their crappy site about ITC, that is "instrumental transcommunication". Basically that's when someone takes a picture (or video) of a TV that is on or off, and something unexpected shows up that is not, at all, supposed to be there. While there are some interesting ITC pictures out there (and on our site), sometimes people go a long way to try to say something is ghostly.

Here are the pictures:

Clearly this is an improperly tuned television, but the creator of the site has another hypothesis:

[QUOTE]A man captured in the first and second ITC images. Third ITC image taken from a television has what appears to be a round object with possibly letters or a word within it - maybe like a logo. Are these images captured via ITC from the spirit world, or are they rogue broadcast signals from this realm? Could someone in spirit send images like these over to try and communicate, or could they be a capture of spirit energy by modern day electronics?[/QUOTE]

The idea these can be from another dimension could be creating these is beyond asinine. This is like when someone records planes in the sky and claims that UFOs are all over the place and constantly following them. My biggest question is why would people from the spirit world or people here be creating a "rogue broadcast" of random garbage, especially the logo for ARTOC, a rather large investment capital firm?
Nov 21 @ 04:23
I agree, their analysis seems spurious at best. I've had a long interest in ITC, but this just seems like a badly tuned television.
Dec 18 @ 00:51

Help, there's a mean bad ghost man in my TV, and he looked strait at me!!

Did you check the cable connection in the back?

: |

Will that be all?

Yes, thank you.

Let me know if you see anymore dead ppl : )

Yeah, You, if you tell anyone about this!!
Apr 05 @ 21:54


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