Forum - Done this before or have I? If not, boy do I feel dumb!!

"Me" in 25 words or less. No fair counting.

Been deeply involved in all kinds of aspects of the "paranormal", from investigating "paranormal locations", events, or just being curious about places, like US Civil War battlefields and their haunts, whiich, in fact, i have come across several types over a 20 yrs. period. Also interested in lots of "supernatural" "stuff", legends, superstitions, folklore, you name it, I'm up for looking into it, on-site or research. As for me, easy going, I don't bite, but just mind your manners and I'll mind mine. Don't let the Ph.D. get in the way, I just had to get one to work with "serial killers" with the federal government. Anything you have to ask, just PM me and i'll get back with you. I don't discuss 'personal" stuff in public.
Sep 08 @ 19:38
Welcome aboard! But I've said that already on another thread lol
Sep 09 @ 23:11


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