Forum - It's good to be back!

Hey Spirit Peeps! I've missed Spiritkeep. I even started my own paranormal forum, but it's been dead, pardon the pun. :)

I've even searched the internet trying to find Kell & Mare, to see what they have been up to. I have lots to catch up on, and a TON of stuff to post once I get re-acquainted with the site.

BTW, does this forum have a search feature anywhere? I can't find it. I want to review some of my old posts, see where I left off...
Sep 07 @ 01:24
Well, we tried to get in contact with them many times over the last year, but they didn't seem too interested in responding at all.

We don't have a search feature yet, but I think we might be able to add one.

Welcome back!
Sep 07 @ 04:59


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