Forum - Hi! I'm a newbie and my name is Nikki :)

I am new to the paranormal forum kind of thing, but have been dealing with the paranormal since I was about 15 years old. First it started with me seeing spirits & eventually I have grown to be able to drive by a building or home and tell you about spirits and its history. I recently began something very strange to me. I was compelled to grab a notebook and all of a sudden my hand just began writing as fast as it could. It was all just spewing out of me and I don't know where it came from, but it was detailed information about my house and its past and present. I don't know if I'm a sensitive or what?? Very confused with myself and looking for others who have these experiences and can maybe help me to learn how to 'deal' with my abilities. Sometimes if I sit still and just meditate... things will come to me. Then I don't know how to 'turn it off' so to speak. I just need a little information and guidance.
Jul 11 @ 16:45


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