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I was just at another forum that will not be named, but it's not like that matters because they're closing. Why? they are tired of all the lies and misinformation about UFOs being spread around and they're just going to conduct their own private research. what the hell makes them so sure they've got everything figured out? the way i see it is the only way to really research the paranormal, ESPECIALLY UFOs is to network, share information and most of all discuss and debate our theories. I am utterly amazed at the arrogance of the people UFO community. of course they don't actually mention what those lies are and the misinformation is so if anyone knows, tell me because I'd sure love to knnow what beliefs are okay in the UFO dogma.
Dec 29 @ 22:45
there are a lot of people who have turned ufology into a religion where they setup unquestionable standards for everything. to them certain things area always real no matter what and certain things are always frauds no matter what. it's people like that which really make the rest of the paranormal community look bad. you're right though, sharing information is the best way to investigate, not become insular.

but that's what shows you they're crazy, the fact they don't tell you what the misinformation is, because they can't, they just have an irrational paranoia.
Dec 30 @ 08:42
Why can't we all just get along? We're after the same goal right? The truth.
Jan 03 @ 22:20
tbh it seems pretty weird they'd shut down like that, i can't help but think maybe they're just nuts.
Jan 10 @ 20:02


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