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According to Buddhist teaching, a human is a combination of five aggregates: Material form (body), Feeling, Imagination (perception), Act and consciousness.

The aggregate of imagination is not an imagination. It is not a material. How does it work?
We can recognize it by three types: unwholesome thought, wholesome thought and no thought. Some consider that no-thought is Buddha nature. But the aggregate of imagination is one of five aggregates, when someone died, all aggregates died too. Nothing is left neither soul nor Buddha nature.

Buddha always reminded us: "Nothing is mine, nothing is me, nothing is my self."
"Nothing is mine, nothing is me" is easy understand. The mind, the body is not mine, is not me. What about "Nothing is my self"? Buddha wanted to point out no Buddha-nature, nor soul"

The aggregate of consciousness has three consciousnesses. The normal consciousness as we live with it everyday. The second is consciousness of imagination when the aggregate of imagination is woken up. The third one is a mindfull consciousness which will appear when someone eliminated all desires and got enlightenment.

When people sleep, there is no consciousness. But there are dreams. Why do people have a dream? Because then the aggregate of imagination starts working and it makes people have dream. When the aggregate of imagination is working, we have a consciousness of Imagination.

This consciousness of imagination can pass time and space. So if someone whose aggregate of imagination is working, one would see the past and the future, and could see everything are happening far away without any obstacles such as walls, buildings, mountain, etc,. But this ability only has limit.

Why some people see God, Buddha, ghost, their relatives, or someone else? Can they contact to those God, Buddha, ghost, their relative or someone else?

The answer is the aggregate of imagination does that job. This aggregate can convert any kind of concepts, beliefs, scares into an image, video so that person can see all things which he or she has been expected.

So if someone believes God, Buddha, ghost, relative or someone else. One will see God, Buddha, ghost, their relative or someone else.


Have you believed that there is a ghost?
If anyone does not believe, that one has never seen it. If anyone believes, that one can see it.

The problem is when someone does not believe and is not afraid of ghost. His or her consciousness of imagination does not work, so that person can not see anything.

When someone believes and be afraid of ghost, his or her consciousness of imagination works, so that person will see a ghost. But only that person see it, nobody else, except others also believe and be afraid of it. If those people are in the same room, or in the same situation, their scare affects to each other. In the result, all of them see ghost. But if there is one of them who does not believe or is not afraid of ghost, that person has never seen anything.

That is why I said the aggregate of imagination can convert all one's concepts, beliefs, scare about anything into the image in front of their normal eyes. It makes one can see a true ghost, God, Buddha or someone else. It knows exactly what people wanted and expected.

Suppose that now we know how that aggregate works. There are a lot of stories and movies about a Ghost houses. I think if putting someone who does not believe and is not afraid of ghost in those Ghost houses, there is nothing happens, and the ghost house becomes a normal house.

If anyone believes and is afraid of ghost, no matter where he or she lives, that house is a Ghost house.

Scientists have been trying to invent different equipments to measure or to discover those psychical phenomena, but why they have not found anything? Because all phenomena actually do not exist. All phenomena are created by human aggregate of imagination. No invisible world, no soul, no Buddha nature, no life after death.

Some people practice Buddhist meditation and think that they already get enlightenment, because of seeing God, Buddha or something special signal or they have a psychical, paranormal abilities, but they do not know how the aggregate of imagination tricked them.


As we know, there are some people have a psychic abilities to contact to an unknown or invisible world which is called life after death.

Let imagine that a computer has a hard drive that can store or archives a lot of information, video, pictures and so on.

We know that every one has different kind of activities everyday, every moment of life. And those one's action, speech and thought have copies like a shadow of a tree. Those copies are stored or archived in a big hard drive that is our space around us. When one died at 20 years old, his or her copies or shadows are 20 years old.

Psychics have ability to access to that hard drive and take whosever copies or shadows. Their aggregate of imagination can contact to those copies, it can talk to those copies, get all information about someone, about relatives, friends, everything related to those copies even where that person died, how to died and so on.

That is why in my country (Vietnam) psychics can find a death body of some family which has sons who lost in the war. The family members just bring an old picture of their son to psychic. Then psychic uses his or her ability to find a place where the son died. Suppose that the psychic lives in the north, he or she can see and shows the skeleton in the south, what village, where approximately. So the family's members fly to the south and come to that place, dig the earth and found the skeleton of their son with some things belong to his son such as a soldier's tag, a ring, and so on

How we know it is not a life after death, rather just copies of one's life.
Suppose that there was someone who died when he or she was 20 years old. After 50 or 2000 years, the copies are still an image or a video of one's 20 year old in the space. The psychic person can contact to the copies and see a young person 20 years old, not 70 or 2020 years old. The key is here. The copies had been stopped storing when whoever died. That is why we know that there is not a life after death. They are just the copies or the shadows of one's life.

These psychics have the normal consciousness and the consciousness of imagination be working at the same time. They can switch from one to another when they want to see something.

Therefore, invisible world is the imagination world which is created by the aggregate of imagination.


In some case, that consciousness of imagination has abilities to see the whole world, it travels when people are sleeping, it looks like has something coming out the body, looks back and watches the body is lying in the bed, and travels from one place to another.

Some people have that ability and do not know how to stop it, because it happens unexpectedly. That one can try to use the Auto-self suggestion. Before sleeping just reminds that "The body and the mind must sleep normally, not travel". Gradually it will disappear.

When someone practices meditation, it is easy to wake up the aggregate of imagination. When it works, it can lead people to become mental. Be careful to practice meditation. We must practice meditation with consciousness to know everything happening around. Not to sleep. Practicing meditation easily asleep and sleep whenever. When one sleeps the consciousness stops, and the aggregate of imagination starts working. So open the eyes when practicing meditation. Do not try hard to practice meditation. Let's practice slowly everyday a little bit more effort. By this way the body will familiar with the new posture.

Focusing on something is the easy way to wake up the aggregate of imagination.

Everyone has greed, anger and delusion. If one has not eliminated those things, the consciousness of imagination works which will lead to mental. That is the cautions for all people try to do meditation in order to get a special abilities.

I see some cases such as some people practice meditation for a while start to spin their head around or up and down. Some like to shake their body, their legs, strange action or speech, etc.

When the aggregate of imagination works, the people practice meditation has imagination concentration and can get wisdom or knowledge of imagination.

Be careful!


When the aggregate of imagination works, the consciousness of imagination can create any sound, taste, smell...everything people liked, wanted and expected.

- Some can hear horrible sound, a thunder, a voice from God, Buddha or someone else or some whistle, whisper from someone in their ear, talking with God, Buddha...
- Some can taste a delicious holly fruit, feeling the spittle is flowing out, etc.
- Some can smell a pleasant smell, etc.
- Some can feel a pleasant feeling, the body is bigger, small, light, weight and even fly, etc.
- Some can see a holly light around a head, a body or a holly light around the head of God, Buddha, or see Buddha is explaining about some koans, etc.
- Some like to debate win or lose with others to prove their ideas better, more correct or the best. Some have abnormal questions and answers; one asks west, another answer east. Understand some koans.
- Some laugh or cry without stop.
-Some like to make poetries whenever they see, hear, think about something.
- And so on....

People thought that they have wisdom, but this wisdom or knowledge is not the Buddhist wisdom, it is the wisdom or knowledge of the consciousness of imagination.

For who seriously practice Buddhist meditation, that one need to stop sitting meditation when those cases are happening by standing up and remind the mind to expel all strange phenomena.


I heard that when someone has the consciousness of imagination which has been woken up, it works unexpectedly.
Sometime does not need it, it works. Sometime need it, but it does not.
It can work just half or part of its ability.
So some people has strong ability, some has weaker, different level.
The better way is to get rid of it by using Auto-self suggestion to remind oneself to expel it: "Give away" every time it appears.


If someone had read an Original Buddhist teaching, one would see Buddha already said about it. "There is nothing, all phenomena are imagination. Who imagines that there are ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death, there would be ghost, God, Paradise, Evil or the life after death..." That means the human aggregate of imagination can create all images, sounds, smells, tastes, knowledge, etc, everything people like and imagine about. So human have been lied. The human aggregate of imagination is a smart thing and it knows clearly about each one's desire. You can call that aggregate is a "trick aggregate"
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