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Hello my name is Cynthia. Aka: Cyn.


I have two different colored eyes and I am partially deaf. (Isn't that fun?)

Well Its nice to meet you all and I hope to get some answers and maybe meet some others out there who have experienced things like I have.

Thank you!
Jun 26 @ 03:26
Hey Cynthia, welcome to Project Paranormal. I bet you noticed that it seems a little quiet around here all of a sudden, that's because we were down for some time redoing the site, and actually plan to relaunch August 1st. An announcement email will be sent out to all members about the site at that point, of course. Until then you can stick around if you'd like, but not many other people will likely be here until they know the site is working again.

I used to know a girl myself who had two different colored eyes, one brown and one blue, though she wasn't deaf. I'm hard of hearing myself, but not that close to deaf thankfully.

Thanks for coming!
Jul 24 @ 21:57
Good afternoon Everyone!
myself azara
telephone Psychic
Feb 12 @ 07:08


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